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"Remember that you have to deal not only with the bodies but also with the moaning souls coming to you. How many suffering people you will more easily soothe by advising and going straight to their souls, instead of giving good prescriptions to be given to the chemist! Be joyful because great will be your reward; but you will have to set a good example of your elevation to God." 

~ St. Joseph Moscati, MD

With so many advances in medicine, science, and technology, modern healthcare provides an innumerable amount of benefits for patients and their families. At the same time, it is important for the devout Catholic to ensure that the medical procedures and techniques that they consent to are in union with the teachings of the Catholic Church. While healthcare providers of any faith- or no faith- are certainly competant at providing the most up-to-date care, only Catholic providers well versed in Catholic theology can ensure that their Catholic patients receive the most appropriate care for their physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

Your navigation to this site confirms that you seek more in a spiritual sense from your physician or other licensed healthcare provider. It is our hope here at St. Joseph's List that you are able to find a provider who complements your spiritual life and provides for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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